Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the light wanes and the days become shorter, you may find yourself more sluggish, moody and withdrawn. It may be harder to wake up in the morning or difficult to concentrate as you go through your day. If so, you are not alone. Many people find themselves feeling down in the winter. But why?

It […]

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What is Psychotherapy?

A place where you can speak your truth, and not be alone.

A unique relationship devoted to tending your soul’s needs.

A place to sort out the complications of life.

A time to reflect on what matters to you most.

Psychotherapy can be many things.  I work with people to help resolve the issues that keep them from living a full and […]

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Gifts of the Heart

When I was a kid, my large extended family decided for one year that all Christmas gifts would be homemade. My family created a scrapbook of a family camping trip for an aunt and uncle. My Aunt Carol made a crazy 4-foot tall stuffed rag doll for me. Now, why is it that I can remember this, but I […]

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