Dream Series: How to Interpret a Dream Image

or Keeping the Dream Alive…
What does it mean to dream that I am falling off a cliff? Or that I am back in high school and I haven’t done my homework? Or that a wild animal is talking to me? Are these just bits and fragments from my day put into weird scenarios or is there […]

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Book Review: Just One Thing, by Rick Hanson, PhD

I seem to be surrounded by people who are committed to a path of meditation. Friends, family, teachers, colleagues – all of them having some sort of regular practice of sitting in silence, following the breath, centering. But not me. While I’ve done my share of silent meditation retreats (and, incidentally, benefited greatly from them), I […]

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Weaving in the Darkness

This morning as I awoke this phase was passing through my mind: “Weaving in the Darkness”. Something about it captured my imagination and I spent the morning contemplating it. Here are my meandering thoughts.

Weaving in the darkness, while unable to see.
Trusting the unknown
Continuing despite lack of clarity or clear vision
…the eyes are not the only source of vision
Hands, body, […]

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A Recent Find: Gnostics, Music and More…

I love listening to music, lectures and books in my car. With a song, I can travel to another country, feel my heart break open, or travel back in time to a cherished memory. With an interesting speaker on CD, I can learn about new topics or challenge my belief system. I can alter my mood […]

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Mothers, Daughters and Envy

I had a candid conversation with a friend recently. Christine, age 52, has a 15 year old daughter, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is becoming beautiful in a womanly way, but she really doesn’t know it yet. “She looks so fresh, her hair is silky and her skin glows… and men are looking at her!”, her mother says. […]

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Dream Series: Do Dreams Matter?

The purpose or function of dreaming has been hypothesized about for hundreds of years across cultural and religion, from Egypt to Aboriginal Australia, from folklore to psychology. Do dreams predict the future? Are they telling us what we are not paying attention to in our lives? Do they reveal secret wishes, repressed thoughts and feelings? Are […]

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Dream Series: How to Remember Dreams

When I was a teen, I developed curiosity about the functions of dreams. With just a little exposure to dreamwork, I began writing them down. I noticed that the more I logged my dreams, the more I seemed to be dreaming. The act of writing them down seemed to help me remember them better, with more detail and frequency. […]

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My Dog turned into a Cat: Understanding Teenagers.

I spent years training to be a psychotherapist. Grad school, internships, study and research … And yet one of the most consistently useful things I’ve come across in helping parents accept the nature of adolescence was an article written by Bay Area newspaper columnist, Adair Lara.

When Children Turn Into Cats, describes the confusion parents feel when […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the light wanes and the days become shorter, you may find yourself more sluggish, moody and withdrawn. It may be harder to wake up in the morning or difficult to concentrate as you go through your day. If so, you are not alone. Many people find themselves feeling down in the winter. But why?

It […]

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What is Psychotherapy?

A place where you can speak your truth, and not be alone.

A unique relationship devoted to tending your soul’s needs.

A place to sort out the complications of life.

A time to reflect on what matters to you most.

Psychotherapy can be many things.  I work with people to help resolve the issues that keep them from living a full and […]

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