Is it a Sign or a Symbol?

In 2004, I began drawing images from my dreams. It wasn’t that I decided to do this, it was more like the images insisted that I draw them. As I drew, my thinking mind quieted and another intelligence began to speak. More images emerged and with them, a deeper understanding of myself and my inner […]

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Is it really that simple?

Some years ago, in a class on Shamanism, Angeles Arrien, said, “If the same message shows up three times, pay attention.” I have heeded this advice and it has often proven to be worthwhile. So today, I have spent the day contemplating the triple receipt of the message I have received: “Keep it simple.”

First, after a […]

Will, Surrender and the Will o’ the Wisps

I generally don’t seek out animated films, but in a move to avoid a snarl of a traffic jam, I pulled off the freeway and found myself watching “Brave”, a current Pixar-Disney production.

Before I realized it, I was engaged in the story, which is a mix of ancient themes woven into its own new storyline: Individuality vs […]

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Mothers, Daughters and Envy

I had a candid conversation with a friend recently. Christine, age 52, has a 15 year old daughter, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is becoming beautiful in a womanly way, but she really doesn’t know it yet. “She looks so fresh, her hair is silky and her skin glows… and men are looking at her!”, her mother says. […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the light wanes and the days become shorter, you may find yourself more sluggish, moody and withdrawn. It may be harder to wake up in the morning or difficult to concentrate as you go through your day. If so, you are not alone. Many people find themselves feeling down in the winter. But why?

It […]

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Gifts of the Heart

When I was a kid, my large extended family decided for one year that all Christmas gifts would be homemade. My family created a scrapbook of a family camping trip for an aunt and uncle. My Aunt Carol made a crazy 4-foot tall stuffed rag doll for me. Now, why is it that I can remember this, but I […]

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The Maze of Health Care Reform

I recently recieved a letter from my insurance carrier indicating that my policy now includes more extensive coverage for psychotherapy due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconcilliation Act. So I set out on a mission to understand what is happening. Wow. Not so easy.

What became clear is that this is […]

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