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Weaving in the Darkness

This morning as I awoke this phase was passing through my mind: “Weaving in the Darkness”. Something about it captured my imagination and I spent the morning contemplating it. Here are my meandering thoughts.

Weaving in the darkness, while unable to see.
Trusting the unknown
Continuing despite lack of clarity or clear vision
…the eyes are not the only source of vision
Hands, body, the felt sense pulls from a different source,
weaving in what was invisible.

Or another way to hear it is…

Weaving in the darkness, as in weaving that which is dark into that which is light.

Dark is only made visible when in contrast with light.
To know the value of the dark, it must be brought into the light.
In the Darkness lives the Unknown Mystery.
Living in the Light sounds pure and lovely, but the Dark is so much more vast and endless.
Potential, Possibility, that which is not yet known

The process of evolving as an individual or a culture depends on our turning our attention toward that which we don’t yet understand or know. If we think we already understand something, we stop wondering about it. Development stops. Culturally, we place a high value on what we already know: the “facts”, proven science, the material world. We don’t value not knowing. And yet the only way to learn something new or to make a change, is to start with an open, curious standpoint and approach the mystery. So if we try trusting the unconscious and invite it to reveal itself to us, the Darkness can be woven into the Light of knowledge. It is by turning toward this Darkness/Unknown/Unconscious that we have the possibility of discovering more.

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