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Alchemical Art: In the LaboratoryFelicia Matto-Shepard, MFT

Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 9 pm
Oct 18, Oct 25 and Nov 8, 2018

Internalized Misogyny:

the involuntary internalization of sexist messages absorbed by women through our surroundings, culture, authority figures, and the media.

$180   Includes most materials


Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  FULL
Contact me directly to register, and send a check to 1 Bodega Ave #3, Petaluma, CA 94952

Each In the Laboratory series explores a theme for personal inquiry. Through paint, paper and image we will dive into this practice of soul development and transformation.  In the upcoming series, Internalized Misogyny, we will reflect on various myths as well as current culture to uncover the biases against women that live in our unconscious.  By bringing these beliefs to light, we can progress toward sovereignty.  All people and genders welcome.

Limited to eight participants, this intimate setting allows plenty of time for individual guidance.


Alchemical Art: The Unconscious and Art Making

2 Saturdays: Oct 20 & 27, 2018.  10 – 4:30 pm

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In Santa Rosa at the SRJC campus

$155 includes most materials

No Experience Required

This class will appeal to anyone interested in psychology, creative self-exploration, Jungian thought or art.

Through two highly experiential days, you will explore the terrain between conscious mind and the unconscious psyche, rich with symbols and meaning.  Participants will work with a personal inquiry through a creative process, using texture, color and image.  You will be guided step by step to ease any art making fears.  This very user friendly method is designed to encourage experimentation and self reflection while deemphasizing aesthetics.

You will also learn about Jungian psychology and Alchemy as a metaphor for transformation. These ideas will become alive and tangible through the mixed media art process.


Symbols and Mystery: Single Day Workshops

Saturday, Nov 10, 2018

10 am to 3 pm in Petaluma

$110, Includes most materials

contact me directly to register

Working with personal inquiry, you will be guided through the mysterious language of Symbols, creating conversation with the unknown, aiming toward transformation.  These workshops are designed for those new to Alchemical Art as well as experienced Alchemists.  The class is limited to 8 people to provide plenty of one on one guidance.





SEPTEMBER 2018 – APRIL 2019,


75 Possible Continuing Education Credits Approved for MD, PHD, LCSW, MFT, LPCC, LEP & RN

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Today we also face collective darkness filled with feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, sorrow and other signs of trauma. As we will present in this yearlong course, contemporary Jungian psychoanalysis offers a process that Jung called Individuation, which can help us to creatively endure our own suffering and to grow from it within the container of a therapeutic relationship.

This course is designed for practicing clinicians. To enroll you must be a pre-licensed clinician or a licensed practitioner in a closely related field, please contact with a short description of your relevant clinical experience for review before registering.

Participants and instructors will also be expected to bring their own case material in order to root these concepts in the earthiness of clinical practice.



After the Honeymoon

after-honeymoon-button2Retreats for busy looking to ignite connection and re-enchantment. Playful, practical and wise.

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PRICE: $1200 per couple, includes food and lodging.

CEU’s available for LCSW’s and MFT’s Click picture to register.  Or visit


Uncovering Desire: A Deeper Dive

after-honeymoon-button3 A new format for women only, exploring sexual desire. DATE: Dates TBA PLACE: TBA PRICE: $325 WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Women who want to awaken their sensual and sexual nature Women who struggle with sexual shame and desire. Women who want to improve their sexual relationship. Women of all sexual orientations When sensuality and sexuality have been repressed, violated or forgotten, we no longer feel desire. Dull and colorless, our vitality is diminished and we lose touch with our soul. We need to hear, feel and express our longing if we want a life of meaning and purpose. Uncovering Desire is a process of listening to the language of body and soul – sensation, emotion and image. The path to Uncovering Desire is a dance between surrendering control while actively seeking awakening. We surrender our thoughts and beliefs in order to hear the wisdom of the body. At the same time, we must employ our will forces in seeking the life we want. Allowing, following, and letting go while pursuing, longing, and claiming what we desire. These two forces, Will and Surrender, will provide the foundation for our exploration. In this all new format, we will spend 4 weeks listening for the stories that dampen us down while making room for the tendrils of new possibility to awaken. Limited to 6 committed women, this group will provide an intimate environment to explore this vulnerable and lively topic. We will employ discussion, mythology, embodiment, and writing to open the pathways of investigation.



Not Psychotherapy
These programs are not psychotherapy. While Felicia is a licensed psychotherapist and brings their experience to bear within these classes, the format is based upon learning new skills, developing new capacities and creating experiences to build upon.

Your contact information, as well as all personal information that is disclosed through the course of your participation in these programs is completely confidential. I do not sell contact information and will only contact you with information about our programs. If you do not wish to receive future mailings from me, you can let me know and I will remove you from our list.


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