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A Recent Find: Gnostics, Music and More…

I love listening to music, lectures and books in my car. With a song, I can travel to another country, feel my heart break open, or travel back in time to a cherished memory. With an interesting speaker on CD, I can learn about new topics or challenge my belief system. I can alter my mood by listening. If this sounds appealing, I recommend perusing the catalogues of some of the following websites. You will find a range of off-the-beaten-track topics and music. Happy Listening.

BC Recordings offers lectures by Stephan Hoeller on topics such as Gnostics, Kabbalah, Jung, Religion… BCRecordings

Sounds True offers recordings and podcasts of conversations with local and national Spiritual teachers, as well as music and meditative practices. Sounds True

Six Degrees offers a range of non-mainstream music of all types. Six Degrees

If you like these, write me and I will tell you more!

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