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Alchemical Art: A Day of Symbol Making

Felicia Matto-Shepard, MFTI am pleased to announce that I will be facilitating a day of Alchemical Art at the CG  Jung Institute of SanFrancisco.  This day will be devoted to exploring how symbols emerge into consciousness. (Read more about the definition of symbols

Saturday, September 20, 2014, 10 am to 5 pm

A great deal at only $65

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Here’s the description of the class:

Jung postulated that as raw material of the collective unconscious moves closer to the personal psyche, it takes a form which is potentially meaningful to the individual.  When engaged, these forms or symbols can act as transformative agents.

Alchemical Art is a form of active imagination whereby the process of symbolizing is cultivated through art making.  In this fully experiential day, we will employ the attitude of the alchemist – experimentation and observation in the service of transformation – through the medium of art We will subject prima materia – paint, texture, junk mail, magazines – to a variety of procedures and observe the unfolding, both inner and outer.  As images appear, we, like the alchemists, will let our creative imagination interact with them. If we are fortunate, meaningful symbols might emerge.

Participants will work with a personal inquiry such as a dream, current dilemma or question as we work at the intersection of personal intention and the unconscious.  Curiosity and willingness are required, not artist talent or experience.

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