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Depth Psychotherapy Clinical Consultation Group beginning January 2016

Are you a psychotherapist interested in working from a more soulful perspective?

 I am offering a Depth Oriented Clinical Consultation Group in Petaluma beginning in January.  In an era of quick fixes, human relatedness can be eclipsed by pressures to work quickly and “efficiently.”  The soul of the work is often neglected and the unconscious can be left out all together.  This consultation group is for psychotherapists interested in exploring psychotherapy which includes the soul.

I have a strong basis in relational and somatic therapies.  In my 25 years of practice, I have come to believe that a psychotherapist works best with a combination of a personally meaningful and integrated theoretical perspective and, perhaps most importantly, self awareness.  The best outcomes occur when the therapist works from his or her deep center while being informed by a conceptual framework.

The group is limited to four people in order to provide plenty of time for each participant.  My intention is to create a noncompetitive learning group where each person finds her or his own voice and authenticity.  I will offer reading suggestions from various depth perspectives which we will use to inspire and inform the clinical material.

We will practice

  •   Engaging authentically while maintaining boundaries in the relationship and frame
  • Listening for meaning underneath the content
  • Using dreams and active imagination
  •   Working with silence and tension during the hour
  •   Embracing the unknown
  •   Using countertransference as information
  •   Identifying and working with complexes
  •   When to take action & when to stay out of the way

Tuesdays , 3 times per month

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

$75 per session   Initial interview required (no charge)

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