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I work well with teens and adults. My style is open, relational, and interactive. Modalities include talking, dream work, and expressive arts. I have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1993 and have years of experience working with depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, relationship issues and life threatening illness.

Some people come to therapy for months, while others come for longer. We will periodically revisit and reevaluate the goals set at the beginning of treatment. You and I will discuss your progress and then you decide what is best for you.

No therapist can ethically make guarantees that psychotherapy will give you the results you want, but I can give you some tips to better help you reach the outcome you desire.

First, come with a willingness to change. Change is often something we want to happen outside of us — we want our circumstances to change or we wish other people would be different. Yet the greatest source for change lives inside you. Making changes in your behavior and in your beliefs is never without effort and some sacrifice. If you are like most people, you are probably wedded to your perspective, even when it is destructive, limiting or distorted. For therapy to be effective, you must bring a willingness to look at your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and feelings with an open and curious mind.

Next, surrender to the process. Things will not go as planned. This is good! If you knew how to cope with or handle your situation effectively, you would be doing it already. To get the most out of therapy, I recommend that you set your intention or goal, and then let go of trying to control the experience. Allow what is unknown to emerge. Sometimes, the “surprises” in life provide the best learning.

Then, give it your all. In my experience, therapy works best when you come to weekly sessions and actively participate in the hour. Sometimes, this means summonsing the courage to face unsavory qualities of your behavior and personality. Other times, you might be called to recognize strengths in yourself that you have denied. And sometimes, we you will be called to bear difficult feelings rather than resisting them.

Finally, incorporate the discoveries made in therapy into your everyday living. To some degree, this will happen without conscious effort. As you change internally, you will approach life differently and more effectively. Then with some added conscious effort, through practices such as journaling, dream work or art, you can actively create the change you are longing for.

My fee is $240 for 50 minutes. I have a few hours allotted to a reduced fee. If you are in need of a reduced fee, please contact me to see if I have any slots available.

Payment may be made on a weekly or monthly basis, by arrangement.

I am not part of any HMO insurance panels.  If you have a PPO and your insurance covers psychotherapy, I will provide you with a monthly statement, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please consult with your insurance provider to be sure you understand your benefits.

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